Monday, September 8, 2014

Who am I? Why am I here?

I have decided to start the blogging thing again. Who am I? I am still trying to figure that one out! I am from the small town of Carrollton, MS. You blink and you will miss it. I am a Mother to one little girl, Brinley. I love Pinterest, and anything 'crafty'. HGTV, DIY are my favorite channels, except when football is on! I am very patriotic and support our military FULLY + 100%. I prefer to read books that are helpful to my life, & offers advice. Recently, (well, more than a few months ago) an ex (Brad) and I (who have been off/on 8 years) have found our way back, and it gets better every day. I find myself at baseball games nearly every weekend his son, Chandler (11) plays. I absolutely LOVE IT! Brinley worships the ground he walks on & he is so sweet to her. His ex wife & I get along great. Brinley plays with her and her husbands son, Colt who is a year younger. I really believe something serious could POSSIBLY become of this relationship. Brinley has grown so much and is absolutely hilarious! She is a social butterfly and never meets a stranger. Why am I here? I love to be able to look back and see where I have been, and where I am going. Mostly, to savor memories of this sweet not-such-a-baby anymore, Brinley. She will be 4 in January. Time- PLEASE slow down! BUT... I enjoy the news every morning, & I am not afraid to express my views on them, and other things in life. From politics to parenting... I will post about it. I am fond of people such as Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, & others who speak their opinion without caring what others may say of them. This blog will not only be able my day-to-day life, but my views from what I think of today's events. I am also using this as part of a daily prayer journal. I want to grow closer with God & be more optimistic. I get inspiration from other bloggers. I am in the midst of trying to decide what I should try to go back to school for. Paralegal? Cosmetologist? Nursing? But then also considering going to cosmetology school then go back for nursing so I can support Brinley and I. I am wanting to move to Jackson soon, which is where Brad lives also. Brinley would have far more opportunities and would be able to go to a public school there.

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