Monday, September 8, 2014

Orange Beach/World Series Trip:

Brad took Brinley and I to the beach this summer. It was her first trip to the beach! She had a blast! Chandler had baseball the entire trip and his team came in second! I was so proud of him!

Who am I? Why am I here?

I have decided to start the blogging thing again. Who am I? I am still trying to figure that one out! I am from the small town of Carrollton, MS. You blink and you will miss it. I am a Mother to one little girl, Brinley. I love Pinterest, and anything 'crafty'. HGTV, DIY are my favorite channels, except when football is on! I am very patriotic and support our military FULLY + 100%. I prefer to read books that are helpful to my life, & offers advice. Recently, (well, more than a few months ago) an ex (Brad) and I (who have been off/on 8 years) have found our way back, and it gets better every day. I find myself at baseball games nearly every weekend his son, Chandler (11) plays. I absolutely LOVE IT! Brinley worships the ground he walks on & he is so sweet to her. His ex wife & I get along great. Brinley plays with her and her husbands son, Colt who is a year younger. I really believe something serious could POSSIBLY become of this relationship. Brinley has grown so much and is absolutely hilarious! She is a social butterfly and never meets a stranger. Why am I here? I love to be able to look back and see where I have been, and where I am going. Mostly, to savor memories of this sweet not-such-a-baby anymore, Brinley. She will be 4 in January. Time- PLEASE slow down! BUT... I enjoy the news every morning, & I am not afraid to express my views on them, and other things in life. From politics to parenting... I will post about it. I am fond of people such as Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, & others who speak their opinion without caring what others may say of them. This blog will not only be able my day-to-day life, but my views from what I think of today's events. I am also using this as part of a daily prayer journal. I want to grow closer with God & be more optimistic. I get inspiration from other bloggers. I am in the midst of trying to decide what I should try to go back to school for. Paralegal? Cosmetologist? Nursing? But then also considering going to cosmetology school then go back for nursing so I can support Brinley and I. I am wanting to move to Jackson soon, which is where Brad lives also. Brinley would have far more opportunities and would be able to go to a public school there.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Pictures!

I cannot believe Christmas is already here! This year has flown by. I had Brinley's and my pictures done a few weeks ago. We had a blast!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brinley is 1 month old!!!

It is amazing how time is flying by so fast since I had Brinley! She has changed & grown SO much since I had her. Even though she seems so tiny to everybody else she seems so much bigger to me! It is so neat how much she has changed in just a month. I notice her focusing a lot more on certain things & she is starting to stay awake a lot more these days.
The things I ADORE:
When she wants me to hold her.
When she hears my voice and turns her head to look for me.
When she wants me to cuddle her up to me.
Watching her sleep.
How she (tries to) suck on her hand.
The fact she NEVER cries unless she gets hungry.
She doesn't cry when she gets a bath.
She is always so calm.
Never in a million years did I imagine I would enjoy being a Mother. I have always heard "some people just are not made to be mothers" and that terrified me! I truly love, love, LOVE, being a Mother! Being a Mother makes me feel like I am actually 'good' at something. I never would think I would say this, since I had Brinley- I honestly would not mind have 3 more! Yes, MOE! That is how much I love it! I want to do it right next time, marriage to be specific!
God blessed be in SO many ways giving me Brinley! I had no idea it was possible to be this happy, or if I would ever truly just be happy & now I finally am. It is all because of Brinley. Life could not be better for me!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pregnancy Highlights: 35 weeks!

I have been so disappointed about losing all my other blogs I have posted. I am almost to the end of my pregnancy & cannot wait to meet Brinley. It is still such a shocker I am about to be a Mother. I get so overwhelmed sometimes about every thing!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 35 weeks!
Size of baby: I had an ultrasound today & Brinley is 4 pounds & 6 oz.!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 25 pounds... I have PACKED on the weight since my 5th month!
Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans & cowboy boots! They are easier to put on!
Gender: It's a girl!!! Brinley Cole
Movement: She moves a lot. I can feel her when she pokes her booty out!
Sleep: I wake up every two hours it seems
What I miss: All my starches & carbs, since I have gestational diabetes!
Cravings: Caffenine.
Symptoms: Mostly tiredness.
Best Moment this week: Seeing Brinley today, & knowing she was head down & at a good weight!